This is the biggest project I’ve ever done for my course of study at Accademia di Urbino. It was the most difficult project to complete and the one I liked less doing, too.
The assignment was to develop an artistic project based on one of the themes provided: I had about three months to complete a video (3 minutes minimum), a poster, a flyer, a book (60 pages minimum). I chose the theme “Necessary Utopias”…
I obviously ran out of time before completing everything :D . But I didn’t worry about this. I am just happy to have managed to complete the editorial part, which has always been my week spot: that was my real aim.

Here are some pictures of the finished work:


Somewhere Else is an artistic project that illustrates the interrelation between reality and utopia.
One of the most distinctive characters of the human being is its constant tension towards the unattainable.
Beyond the frame of screens, printed ink or voices from the street: utopian non-places multiply, evolve, vanish. Within the myth lives the key to believe in the present.
The images presented aim to guide the viewer through a path of suggestions, bringing him to reflect on himself and his conception of “present”: where do your eyes lay?

Somewhere Else: the book

Here are all the collages found inside the book:

Somewhere Else: the animation

The final result doesn't quite satisfy me, I think its caotic conception ends up showing through... but still, it's a finished project.
Video and audio are composed by me, with the contribution of Mitch Martinez's free stock footage and the sounds from the community. Video made with After Effects
Audio made with Reaper